The goal of SCATV’s Youth Program is to empower the next generation of young people to be critical and creative producers who use the power of media to serve as active agents of change in their communities. SCATV offers a number of developmentally appropriate youth programming for youth of all ages, including targeted intensive workshops, strategic community partnerships with youth-serving agencies, teen internships, movie nights, field trips, and more.

We aim to be inclusive and responsive to the needs of young people in our community, and provide all of our programming at a sliding scale in order to be accessible to all of our cities’ residents. We also strive to be a safer space for youth, and actively wish to recruit LGBTQ+ youth, youth of color, low-income youth, and youth with disabilities. We run year round youth programming, including after school programs, vacation camp, and summer programs. For more information on our Youth Media program, please contact Heather McCormack, Youth Media Director, at or 617-628-8826.


Makerspace Mondays: Registration is NOW OPEN! Click to open application. 

Makerspace Mondays is a drop-in media maker lab in which youth will be trained on our studio equipment through structured workshops at the beginning of the year, which will gradually become more youth-driven. Once youth have displayed competency with our equipment, they will then be able to work on their own individual or collaborative passion projects with staff support.

Please note that this year’s program is separated into two sessions. The 3-5pm time block will be for youth in grades 3-6 (this session is FULL and further signups will be waitlisted) and we are introducing a new 5-7pm time block for youth in 7th grade and up (there are two spots remaining). This will allow us to accommodate more youth and specialize content based on age groups.

The cost for the program is $65 per year which is good for the entire school year, and means they can attend as many sessions as they would like. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about any of our programs, please contact Heather McCormack at or 617-628-8826. Thanks so much!

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Workshop Wednesdays: Registration for all programming is NOW OPEN! Click to open application.

Workshop Wednesday classes teach specific media production skills, from audio and music production, to TV production, to stop motion animation and more. These workshops welcome all youth age 8+, regardless of ability or experience (except for the Media for Social change class, which is for middle and high school students).

This year, thanks to the helpful feedback of parents, we will be INCLUDING SPS HALF DAYS in our programming. That means every Wednesday in which there is a scheduled half day, we will open directly after school for programming. Thus, there are a few programs which run only 5 weeks (due to multiple half days), please make sure to read the dates carefully. Most programs will still run for 6 weeks.

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Disasterpiece Theater

We will be having our SECOND Disasterpiece of the year this upcoming Thursday, November 16th, from 5-7pm. This month’s movie will be a collection of various religious videos for kids compiled by SMC teen intern Owen Hughes. While the content is appropriate for all ages, we actively make fun of the flicks throughout the screening, so some little ones might not get what all the excitement’s about. Parents are, as always, welcome to join in the fun as well.

Disasterpiece Theater is always held on the third Thursday of the month (barring extenuating circumstances). Please see the attached poster for a list of the Disasterpiece dates for the year!

disasterpiece theater

2017-2018 Workshop Wednesday Schedule

TV Production (October 4th-November 1st): Learn multi-camera switching, green screen, and other TV production skills–behind and in front of the camera. Create your own TV show to go live on Channel 3! Instructor: Heather McCormack
Memes, GIFs, and Graphic Design! (November 8th-December 16th–NO CLASS NOV 22 FOR THANKSGIVING) : Love internet graphics? Wanna go viral? Create your own memes, animated GIFs, snapchat filters, graphic designs and more! Instructor: Heather McCormack
Media Production for Social Change [Middle and High School Students ONLY] (January 3rd-February 7th): Are you a budding activist? Interested in social justice? This class will teach you the skills to turn your ideas into action through the use of multiple media tools, from podcasts to viral videos and beyond. Instructor: Heather McCormack
Audio Production  (February 28th-March 28th): Taught by Youth Media Coordinator Heather McCormack, this 6 week program will teach youth the art of audio production and editing using Adobe Audition and other audio tools. Youth will have the opportunity to record and edit original podcasts, music, field audio and more, and learn how to fine tune their audio recordings to sound professional. Followed by a community showcase on the final day. Ages 8+ $0-$200/session, sliding scale.
Stop Motion Animation (April 4th-May 9th, NO CLASS April 18th for April Vacation): Taught by Heather McCormack, youth in this class will create, film, edit and present your own stop-motion animation short that will be screened on SCATV. Youth will also use unconventional materials to make characters that will tell a unique and creative story. Ages 8+. $0-$200 sliding scale.
Disasterpiece Theater 3000 Jr.: Returns September 23rd! Full schedule coming soon.

Do you like bad movies? Like really, really, REALLY bad movies? Join a tribe of similarly snarky trash lovers every month for our brand new bad movie series, Disasterpiece Theater 3000 Jr. In the vein of Mystery Science Theater, youth will provide live commentary while watching terrible films. Monthly screenings will be held the 3rd Thursday of the month, from 5:00-7:00 in the SCATV Main Studio. This movie night is totally free and includes pizza!

CIT Program (NEW!)

The CIT (or Counselor in Training) program is a new opportunity for youth who have participated in our youth media programming and wish to take on an additional leadership role. Interested youth may apply if:

      • They are at least 13 years old
      • They have taken at least one of our youth programs before
      • They have a passion for media production and mentoring younger youth

Youth will individually apply to be a CIT for the program of their choice, and I will follow up with applicants to arrange a low-pressure interview once their application is recieved.

Youth who successfully complete the CIT program will gain additional SMC privileges, for example if they help with the “TV Production” class, they will be able to work on their own TV production projects in studio.

There is no cost for the CIT program, but spots are limited. 

Link to application here! 


Past SCATV Youth Classes

Intro to Animation: August 8th – August 12th from 9am-3pm. Ages 8-12. Instructor: Isabella Deslandes.  Are you fascinated with movies like Coraline, Nightmare before Christmas, and ParaNorman? In this class you will create, film, edit and present your own stop-motion animation short that will be screened on SCATV. Use unconventional materials to make characters that will tell a unique and creative story.

Teen Film Critic’s Corner: Do you love movies? Do you love talking about what you love about movies? Come be a part of Critic’s Corner, where we will screen classic blockbusters from the 70s and 80s and record our very own film reviews to be shown on SCATV channel 3. 

Discover your inner journalist! Learn from real TV anchors how to make a news show from start to finish. Conduct interviews, investigate issues that matter, and write, host, produce and film your very own news show that will be screened on SCATV Channel 3.Teen Movie Maker Space: Make movie magic this summer with SCATV and Parts and Crafts. Learn the art of film production, from writing to camera work to editing, while collaborating with your peers to create your very own movie. Finally, present your masterpiece at a community showcase with an audience of your peers, parents, and other community filmmakers.

Other Opportunities

Teen Internships: Are you a high school student that’s interested in media production? We are currently hiring youth interns to spend their summer gaining hands-on technical production skills. In exchange for your hard work, get a free SCATV membership and free classes for a whole year! Contact to set up an interview.
Community Partnerships: Does your summer program need support with media components? Want to come in and film a video or radio ad for your youth serving organization? Contact to find out more about partnership opportunities this summer!
Field Trips: SCATV welcomes field trips and visits from local youth organizations! Come in, take a tour of our building, and engage in a hands-on project that will teach your youth the power of community media. Contact to book your group now.

SCATV Youth Media Playlist