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Hangin’ with Pete ‘n’ Nate

Hangin’ with Pete ‘n’ Nate: This show is about a couple of local dudes hang out all the time, literally. Catch the best parts of the hangs on HWPNN Sundays at 11pm on SCATV Ch.3!!! You can check them out online … Continue reading

Fallon’s Daily Toast

Fallon‘s Daily Toast: Produced by Fallon Leigh O’Brien & Jesa Damora + SCATV team. This show is about Arts, Culture, Comedy, Music. You can find more information online at: //////// and connect with Fallon at

Infinite Momentum

Infinite Momentum: Addicted to the Now. Live Media Production within the Culture Habitat. Airtime is on Tuesdays @9:30 pm. You can find more videos online at: Be in touch through Vimeo Messages!

The Beantown Beatdown

The Beantown Beatdown is a Show dedicated to Combat sports. Every Week Matthew Burrus and Gabe Shames Have a No-Holds Barred discussion on Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA. They cover Events, Injury Reports, and upcoming fights. The Beantown Beatdown also cover real world … Continue reading

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ArtBeat 2014 TV Show

This festival is organized by the Somerville Arts Council and SCATV highlighted this annual festival through interviews with performers, tourists and locals! The lovely TV show was hosted by Greater Somerville’s Joe Lynch and KyAnn Anderson. Enjoy!

Hello Neighbor

 Hello Neighbor is a community outreach project / TV program of Somerville Community Access Television. The goal behind this show is to highlight the great work of local organizations, businesses and community members. At the end of the show, hopefully you … Continue reading

Watch the ArtBeat 2014 TV show!

SCATV went LIVE from ArtBeat in Davis Square on Saturday, July 19 from noon to 1:30pm. This was the first time SCATV was able to go live from outside the studio, and we hope to do this many times in … Continue reading

Somerville Film Group icon1
Somerville Film Group

Somerville Film Group brings together talent and crew to produce shows that range from music, documentaries, talk shows, and even creating our own short films.  If we see it then we can create it.  “Seeing is Creating.”  Check out their youtube page: FILM … Continue reading

CRS-Cancer TV Show Profile Picture
Cancer Explained!

Cancer Explained! is Cancer Research Simplified’s (a Boston-based, international non-profit organization on cancer education) educational channel. Our program provides information on cancer types, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment methods and options in a straightforward, non-technical way and in multiple languages, reaching a … Continue reading

Somerville Neighborhood News

Somerville Neighborhood News is a production of Somerville Community Access Television, made by professional journalists, volunteers and staff. The half-hour news show has as its mission to provide a lively, informative newscast focusing on the events, issues and information impacting Somerville residents. A … Continue reading

The Kevin Murphy Show

This program is a live HOTSET show with host, Kevin Murphy, who discusses an array of topics ranging from politics to religion to sports. Give him a call during his show Wednesdays at 3:30pm at 617-628-8876.

Taking Back your Health

This is a medical show aimed to enlighten, engage and inform its audience on trending health and medical related issues. Host is Dr. Ira Michaelson and Melody Michaelson.

SCATV Series Schedule

Here is the latest SCATV series schedule that will run through the end of the year. For any questions regarding the programming at SCATV, please contact Erica Jones at 617. 628. 8826 or

MEH Kyown’s Television

Meh Kyown’s Television Ship is an auditory/visual voyage into the world past of what we see and what we know. Spontaneous creation is the fertile arena. Stop, drop and roll with it. This show airs Thursdays at 9:30pm.

The Entertainer’s Show

The Entertainer’s Show is a talent show that features underground talents in every area of entertainment of all ages. The Entertainer’s Show will provide a platform for artists to Showcase their talent to the public. Each show will be video … Continue reading

Cambridge Health Alliance
Health is Wealth TV Show

Health Is Wealth is a monthly show hosted by Roberta Robinson, Director of Geriatric Outreach Services for Cambridge Health Alliance. Each month Roberta discusses a topic focused on health issues of older adults. Roberta is often joined by a guest … Continue reading

Trayvon Martin PSA

This public service announcement was recorded in response to the July 13th George Zimmerman ruling in Florida. Andrea Quijada, Executive Director of Media Literacy Project, provides her perspective and discusses three themes that emerged during this case.

Poet to Poet / Writer to Writer

Poet to Poet / Writer to Writer began in 2003 and is hosted by Doug Holder. This show has explored the creative processes and lives of local and regional writers. Since Somerville is located in the immediate literary environs of … Continue reading

Art at SCATV

Art at SCATV is a studio program produced by the staff of Somerville Community Access Television. Each month Janet Cormier, the SCATV Gallery Curator, interviews artists with exhibits in the SCATV Gallery. The Gallery is located at 90 Union Square … Continue reading

Jeff Jam Sing Song Show

Jeff Jam is a friendly, goofy guy that sings and performs songs for children of all ages. He travels all over Massachusetts, New England and the world with his acoustic guitar, bringing songs and smiles to children everywhere. He additionally … Continue reading

Somerville Rocks!

Somerville Rocks! is a New England Alliance For Community Media award winning music program that features a different local band per show.  Somerville and its surrounding areas are packed with phenomenal entertainers and SCATV is pleased to celebrate them.  The … Continue reading

Somerville’s Most Interesting Places

Somerville’s Most Interesting Places highlights locations and events that are unique to Somerville. Since the summer of 2011 the program has covered events like the east Somerville main streets’ foodie crawl, tastes of Somerville, and the copy cat festival.   … Continue reading

Energy Theater

Energy Theater is pure fun, laughter and more fun, using skits that not only entertain but also provide unique insights into human behavior.  Starting out as a way to expand the boundaries of expression beyond what could be done in … Continue reading

Tonight’s Special

Tonight’s Special is an informative, fun show based on cooking and the pairing of alcohol. This show is produced by Jason Taggart.    

Active Aging

Active Aging is a program launched by somerville-cambrdge elder services and features an array of useful information for older people and people living with disabilities. Hosted by Mary-Ann Dalton since 2008, active aging highlights positive aspects of aging, to help … Continue reading

Medical Tutor

Medical Tutor is Medical Education along with Advanced State of the Art Medical News!  Designed to Inspire True Health Hope and Knowledge For Our Highly Evolved Civilization…Content Data on Cures for Cancers….Restoring Sight..And Walking., Regeneration, and DNA Engineering…Are examples of what … Continue reading

1975 Flag RaisingWeb
Somerville Back in the Day

This oral history program is a collaboration of Somerville Community Access Television and the Somerville Historic Preservation Commission. Its goal is to preserve the memories of long-time Somerville residents about what Somerville was like in years past. If you or … Continue reading

Talking about Somerville

Talking About Somerville is SCATV’s on-line collection of programs that deal with Somerville issues and organizations. SCATV staff invite Somerville non-profit organizations into the studio to record talk shows that help them get their information out to the community. For more … Continue reading

Play by Play

Play-by-Play is arts/entertainment. Play-by-Play is theater on television. Instead of a formal setting Play by Play will bring read-through of one act or short plays and one-man or one woman shows. To contact the producers, please visit their website at … Continue reading

Culture Club

Culture Club was organized in August of 2011 and is a monthly TV series about arts and culture in Somerville, MA. Produced by the Somerville Arts Council and Somerville Community Access TV.    

Henry Parker Presents

This show is “edu-tainment,” meaning it is informative yet entertaining. Henry shoots and edits all of his own shows. Some of his shows have focused on topics like, March Against Monsanto, Mass Incarceration, and West African Dance. As you can see, … Continue reading

Basic Buddha

Basic Buddha is an informational show about Nichiren Buddhism. Basic Buddha will introduce terms and words used frequently in Buddhism and our panel will add an American flavor. In 2013 daughter, Sudip Peterson with her mother, Tarsha Stacke teamed up … Continue reading

Dead Air Live (Somerville Producers Group)

Somerville Producers Group has been making live television since the early 1970’s. Cablecast in the Boston area on the RCN and Comcast Cable systems.Every other Tuesday night at 8pm a program is produced “live” in the main studio of Somerville … Continue reading

Greater Somerville

Greater Somerville is a weekly talk show offering a half hour discussion about the people, places and things that matter most to Somervillians. This show is a three time winner of the Best of SCATV award and national winner from … Continue reading