Independence Day in Somerville 

Contributing Reporters on this Newscast:

by Shuqing Zhao

Somerville, MA, July 15, 2014 – Somerville residents packed Trum Field on July 3rd to celebrate Independence Day, but also to celebrate service to the country, music and – of course – fireworks.

Drawing several thousand people each year, this year local and regional musical groups like the Somerville Sunsetters, Booty Vortex, the USO Metropolitan New York Performers, and the US Navy Band Northeast Pops Ensemble entertained the crowd as they enjoyed picnics, ate treats and milled around waiting for the fireworks.

“I actually like the music. I think that’s been lost a little in recent years,” Vincent Lawrence told Somerville Neighborhood News. Lawrence said he especially enjoyed listening to the US Navy Band because they play “good-quality music.”

But Independence Day is about more than musical performances, added Lawrence, whose parents both served in the US military.

“Though I didn’t have the opportunity to serve, the sense of respect for services I think is an important one [that is] sometimes lost a little bit,” he said.

Kristine Marques and her daughter said they love the gathering, Marques because the day reminds people of “freedom, independence, being able to do what we want” in the country, and her daughter for the what she called the “boom-boom!

Thirty minutes of fireworks were squeezed in before another kind of “boom-boom” – a drenching rainstorm with thunder and lightening.