Dead Air Live (Somerville Producers Group)

SPGSomerville Producers Group has been making live television since the early 1970’s. Cablecast in the Boston area on the RCN and Comcast Cable systems.Every other Tuesday night at 8pm a program is produced “live” in the main studio of Somerville Community Access Television.Tuesday nights on the opposing weeks are spent working on their next show and planning future programs.If you would like to know more about SPG email us at: Below is a description of all those member’s who are currently involved in this production.

Jeanne Flanagan: I have been a member of SCAT since 1998 and got involved with The Somerville Producers Group during my volunteer requirement to become studio certified. It has been a great learning experience since I knew nothing when I started. I filmed a women’s ice hockey game for my certification tape and loved editing even when it was all linear editing. I like putting things on live TV because it is done and goes out to the world just like a sporting event. Oh, yeah, I have gold medal from the 1984 Olympics in Rowing, so I like to participate in sporting events.

Melitta King: I have been a member of SCATV since 2009. Bill Barrell, the former Studio Manager, made me get involved with The Somerville Producers Group. Charlie Tesch befriended me during the first production I worked on. I knew nothing, but I was willing to come back again and again, ask lots of questions and learn. My creativity doesn’t lean towards live TV so I haven’t produced many live shows but SPG has taught me a lot. What I’ve learned from them has helped me to write scripts for animation and shorts as well as co-produce Somerville Biking News. I come on Tuesday nights for Dead Air Live because I enjoy being a team player and this is a great team.

Ricardo Pineda: Ricardo started his video carrier in Mexico City, where he worked for the infamous Director, Felipe Febregat at Planet Three Films, was an audio assistant for MVS Mulitivision, and sold “air time” for Imevision. After coming to the states, he joined SPG in the late 80s and has continued to be an active “Dead Air Live” player since. His contributions over the years at SCAT have included everything from set building to producing and directing, as well as  all aspects involved in the live production. Outside of SCAT, has had the pleasure of being a camera man for Univision TV, shooting for NACA, creating documentaries for the New York actor Angel Pineda, shooting and producing a video for The Bernard Lown Institute of Cardiology, as well as multiple other paid and personal projects. His passions lie in working with creative people and he has done many videos of musicians and artists over the years.

Michael McCarthy: I started a company that makes food for brain health and a spg member asked to interview me for a show. I went to see the set and someone thought I worked there and told me to adjust the lights. Then someone asked my name and I found myself on the credit role as the lighting guy. I thought it was funny so I kept coming back and now I’m making a show with spg called ‘the wisdom to wellness show’ a mind/body TV show. It’s become a fun hobby and hopefully a useful resource to the community.

JoJo LaRiccia: JoJo runs LaRiccia Media and is the host and executive producer of the three-time Emmy nominated live-action children’s television show JoJo’s DreamCart. An alumna of the Berklee College of Music, JoJo uses her film production, song writing, and vocal skills to inspire kids to believe in themselves and their dreams. JoJo’s DreamCart  debuted on Rhode Island PBS on (date) and continues to educated children around the globe. In 2012, the program is currently airing on Rhode Island PBS, Global Broadcasting Company and America Unleashed. In 2003 I walked into SCATV to find a crew for my children’s TV show, “JoJo’s DreamCart.” I was told that some of the finest crew was in the “Somerville Producers Group.” Since it was a show night, I was invited to sit and watch but I couldn’t sit by and do nothing so I asked if I could help and have been there since. The rest is history as I have learned everything about TV production with hands on with the Somerville Producers Group.