The Beantown Beatdown

The Beantown Beatdown is a Show dedicated to Combat sports. Every Week Matthew Burrus and Gabe Shames Have a No-Holds Barred discussion on Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA. They cover Events, Injury Reports, and upcoming fights. The Beantown Beatdown also cover real world topics in Macho Dosen’t Mean This. In this segment they cover Topics like Sex, Sci-Fi, Pollitics, Racisim and many More. It is a way for non fight fans to watch our show and see how it relates to the fight World.Another segment is Professor Burrus’s Fight class. Their Mr. Burrus gives fans and non fans a 101 class on fighting. This class covers different Fighting Styles, Keys to winning a fight and Grading todays top Gladiators.

Another one of their segments is Chew on This where Matt and Gabe debate The hottest topic in Combat sports. No subject about The fight world is off limits.

The Beantown Beatdown: A sports show with a Knockout