Zippy Brief – February 2017

october-zippy-briefKnow New News…First off, I wanted to thank everyone who came out to our Annual Meeting and Awards event last month. It was a success and a fitting celebration of the accomplishments of a year’s worth of creative communications in the media arts. Thanks to Joe Lynch and Ken McIntyre for their hosting prowess. And thank you to Mayor Curtatone and Representative Provost for sharing their enthusiasm and support of community media activities.

If you didn’t already hear, there are a lot of new names going around. First, was the introduction of Somerville Media Center (SMC). This is not a replacement for SCAT (Somerville Community Access TV) nor for BFR (Boston Free Radio), or SNN (Somerville Neighborhood News). Rather this an umbrella identification for all the various activities that go on here at the old firehouse at Union Square and in the Somerville community beyond those brick walls. Besides, SCATV has built up more than 3 decades worth of goodwill and recognition in the community. And the reputation and regard for Boston Free Radio and Somerville Neighborhood News are things we have no intention of jettisoning. Rather we are proud of these associations and the inclusion of BFR, SCATV and SNN in our new logo attests to that. Stay tuned for more on this in the coming months — signage, media graphics, letterhead, email addresses, web presence, etc. will start to reflect the incorporation of the newly introduced SMC name.

As for more new names, I’d like to introduce the new members of our Board of Directors. There are five additions, 4 elected from the membership — Daley Baker, Sam Baltrusis, Dan Burke, and Kate Douglas — all active, engaged community media producers. Not only are they committed to the ideals of community media, but they enjoy making media as attested by their frequent visits to Union Square for equipment and editing & studio time. We also have a newly appointed Board Member in Guillermo Hamlin. An active member of the Somerville community – Guillermo often crosses paths with staff and interns at many a SCATV shoot (he stopped by to say “hi” to me at the Somerville Sanctuary City Rally). And, as volunteer and outreach coordinator at Malden Access TV, Guillermo has total community media “cred.” Welcome Board Members. I look forward to your support and involvement.

Before signing off with the usual prompt to “Make Media,” I want to touch upon programming coordinator Dave Ortega’s challenge, shared at the Annual Meeting. “Producers, cast and crew can all up our game a bit. If you’ve been putting off adding opening titles, roll-ins, lower thirds or credits to your production this is the year to do it. If you’re a live production, be sure to start on time. Seek us [staff] out, seek other members out…use the resource of everyone’s experience to learn how to enhance your show.” In that spirit, Somerville Media Center is here to help. We strive to be a nexus point for the exchange of ideas and experience for benefit of media makers. As such, we’re always looking for feedback…help us help you. That said…Go Make Media!

-Cheers, Brian Zipp, Executive Director