The April Zippy Brief

As we all know, spring is the season for shoots. Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Hassle Fest all make an appearance now that the sun is out a bit longer. Speaking of the Hassle Fest 24-Hour Telethon, I wanted to give a hearty shout-out to all the acts, production volunteers, pre and post production volunteers, event organizers, SMC staff, viewers and donors. It was awesome hosting the controlled chaos that is 24 continuous hours of live programming. It was also an opportunity to help support the artistic community of greater Somerville (greater Boston too) and our friends at Boston Hassle. It was inspiring to see SMC staff and volunteers rise to the challenge of ensuring “the show must go on” from 10 am, April 7, until 10 am the following day. My understanding is that this year’s fundraising thoroughly eclipsed the take from 2016’s inaugural event. Way to go!


As we get into the spring season, it’s also time to brush off the cobwebs, do some spring cleaning and get reacquainted with folks. The good news is that Somerville Media Center is having an open house, on Friday, April 28th, where, among other things, we are encouraging members to participate in SMC’s digital yearbook. It’s an opportunity for members to let their fellow media producers know a little bit more about them.

The open house is also an opportunity for folks to record a birthday wish to the City of Somerville which is celebrating its terquasquicentennial (yes there is actually a word for the 175th milestone).

Just a few days later, Sunday, April 30th, SMC is hosting a Producer’s Development Day. The idea is to draw upon the knowledge and experience of our membership to help fellow media producers by sharing hacks, ideas and strategies gained from experience. It’s also a way to help others avoid the pitfalls and potholes learned the “hard way.” Sticking with the springtime metaphors, the hope is that this cross-pollination of ideas and methodologies from fellow media makers will bear much fruit.

Finally, speaking of spring cleaning, SMC is a host site for the City of Somerville Annual Clean-Up & BBQ. Any Radio DJ’s or TV Producers interested in volunteering a couple of hours Saturday, April 22nd (how about it Creative Collective members?) to keep Somerville beautiful are encouraged to participate.

Until next time…