Intro to TV Studio Production

This class is for members who want to get started producing multi-camera studio programs in the main studio. Over three sessions you will learn basic set design, studio lighting, camera operation, audio, and floor directing. You will also learn the basic operation of SCATV’s HD computer switchers to switch between cameras, add graphics, and basics of Directing. This is taught over a 1 – 3hour session and requires the member to crew on a studio production show in order to be certified. Students are required to crew on one studio show to be certified. This class is part of the On-Demand Workshops. SCATV staff will train people individually or as a small group. Our goal is to be more flexible and accommodating to people’s schedules.

Instructor: Adam Stone, Studio & Technical Manager
Members: $50, Youth/Student: $25, Non-members: $75

To register for this class, you must sign up online here (make payment at the bottom of the page):

Basic Studio for Youth/Student Members $25

Basic Studio for Members $50

Basic Studio for Non-members $75