June Zippy Brief

The Summer season has indeed begun here in Somerville — Memorial Week Celebrations, The City of Somerville Big Gay Dance Party, East Somerville Main Streets Carnaval…And SMC is “kicking” into the summer spirit with an outdoor sporting activity. As such, I submit the following:

A Kick-Ball Haiku Regarding the Monday, June 12, event from 4-6pm in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Trum Field stage is set

Friends from non-profits wind up

Kick It Kick It Good

Mayor Curtatone will do the honors of rolling? out the ceremonial first pitch. We Hope to see people there. And if you can’t make it to participate or cheer participants on, Somerville Media Center will re-broadcast the inaugural event in all of its thrilling and agonizing moments of victory and defeat as well as all those in between (including interviews, play-by-play and color commentary).

Additionally, now that summer has started, SMC is extending Saturdays hours to 6 pm. Beginning June 10, SMC will be open from 10 am to 6 pm (SMC will be closed 6/17 in observance of Bunker Hill Day). If this proves successful during the summer, there is a possibility of extending it year-round. We encourage you to take advantage of staying later to make media.

Finally, I wanted to draw attention to the efforts in both the Massachusetts House and Senate with regards to bills H 2682 and S 1857, An Act Supporting Community Access Television. The goal is to get cable access channels (in our case SCATV Channel 3) carried in High Definition  and allow such channels to access to electronic programming guides – wouldn’t it be great to know when the next episode of Duck Village Stage is playing? With the ability to set a recording of it? Community media centers around the state (this one included) are reaching out to our state and local elected officials to ensure that community media can continue to be a vital part of the ever-evolving media landscape.