Art @ SCATV | Karl Stephan

Featured Artist: Karl Stephan

Show Title: Uncharted

Artist Statement: “Uncharted” is an exhibit of my recent work in a new exploratory mode, based on experiments in non-visual drawing and other non-traditional art-making. Only one of these works has ever been shown before. “The Reef” represent an important collaboration with my students – a key part of my educational and studio practice. I hope the work of “Uncharted” will stimulate adventurous exploration in the mind of the viewer, just as it originated in adventurous exploration by my students and me.

Karl Stephan is an artist, educator and curator from Somerville. He teaches in his Cambridge studio and at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

Reception Date: Tuesday April 25th 5-7 PM @ the Somerville Media Center Art Gallery.

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