2017 Union Square Farmers Market SNAP Match PSA

Union Square Main Streets needs your help to ensure that our neediest neighbors are able to purchase fresh, healthy, local food from the farmers market.

How it Works
SNAP (or “food stamp”) recipients use their benefit cards to purchase farmers market tokens. Union Square Main Streets then matches every dollar up to $10 dollars, allowing SNAP customers to spend $10 and receive $20 worth of healthy, fresh, local food.

Why This is Important
Between 2000 and 2010, the poverty rate in Somerville grew from 12.5% to 18%. More than 13,000 Somerville residents live below the poverty line. With rising housing costs and federal budget cuts, it has become increasingly difficult for families to be able to afford healthy farmer’s market products.

How You Can Help
Since 2005, because of the generosity of Union Square residents and businesses, Union Square Main Streets has been able to provide over $13,000 matching SNAP payments to help hundreds of our neighbors eat good, fresh, locally grown food. We need your help again this year to ensure that we can continue to provide access to healthy food for those in need. We need $4,500 to sustain the SNAP match for the 2016 Union Square Farmers Market season. The Market opens on 5/13 and runs through 11/18 so we need your donation today.

Your contribution will help feed our neighbors. All donations are tax deductible. So please, give today.

Donations of any amount help!

Donation Levels

Here is what your donation provides:
$10 = one SNAP match for one family
$40 = SNAP match benefits for one family for one month
$100 = one SNAP match for ten families
$200 = all the SNAP match funds for one Saturday farmer’s market

“Adopt the Market”
Donate at the $200 level or above, and you can “adopt the market” for a day. Select a Saturday of your choice, and a sign will be placed at the Manager’s Tent that day recognizing you, or if you prefer, your family, business, or in honor or memory of a loved one, an thanking you for your support.

If you would like to be recognized, please email usms@unionsquaremain.org to indicate your date and message of preference, and we will make it happen.

The staff and directors of USMS thank you so much for your generous support of our community!