Organizational Membership

Joining Somerville Community Access Television is easy!

10454968_10205391966468055_3551907449651216522_oAny organization based in Somerville may join SCATV as an Organizational Member. Some examples of Organizational Memberships types include:

  • Education Sites / Schools (Somerville Public Schools)
  • Non-Profit Organizations (RESPOND, Inc.)
  • City Agencies (i.e. Council on Aging or Arts Council)
  • City or State Chapters (i.e. League of Women Voters)
  • Local Businesses (i.e. Real Estate Companies)

Memberships will be made available to anyone who lives or works in the Somerville community regardless of race, sex, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or economic status. To become a member an individual or organization must pay an annual membership fee of $100 and agree to abide by the policies and procedures of SCATV.

Perks of joining SCATV as an Organizational Member:

  • Designate up to 2 Associate Members to have active memberships
  • We offer a variety of seminars and workshops which are open to SCATV organizational members. Organizational Members who have taken classes or demonstrated proficiency in media production can utilize our equipment at no charge, as long as they submit their final programs to be shown on SCATV’s channels. Otherwise, rentals are also available.
  • Usage of our meeting space.
  • Create announcements for the Electronic Bulletin Board
  • Collaborate with SCATV to host community dialogues and/or film screenings (subject to copyright policies).
  • Have a 1-hour consultation about your media needs with SCATV staff
  • Organize two 30-minute studio interview programs to raise awareness about a particular issue.
  • Be featured on SCATV’s “Hello Neighbor” Community Service program (must coordinate with SCATV staff).
  • Collaborate with SCATV members and interns to produce additional media programs.
  • Hire SCATV to produce a video for your organization and receive a 15% discount on professional production services. For a list of Production Services, visit here.
  • Collaborate with SCATV to document and stream live video from special events in exchange for cross-promotion.
  • Design Specialized Technology Training for your Staff and Volunteers – SCATV can design and offer technology classes to meet the specific needs of your nonprofit.

To become an Organizational Member, you must fulfill the following:

  • Attend an Orientation Session
  • Sign and submit a membership form agreeing to abide by SCATV’s Policies and Regulations
  • Pay the annual membership fee of $100.
  • Show proof of Somerville residency (positive photo ID and a copy of a current utility bill, rental/lease agreement, or notarized letter)

To become certified to use SCATV’s facilities and equipment, see “Certification Requirements.”

Download the organizational membership below: