Equipment Membership

Any Somerville resident may join SCATV as an Equipment Member. Equipment Members are entitled to enroll in video production classes; become certified to enjoy free use of the production facilities in order to make programs to be cablecast on Somerville’s own Channel 3; receive SCATV’s quarterly newsletter; receive technical assistance for program creation and promotion; exercise voting privileges at annual meetings; and are eligible for election as a Member Representative on the SCATV Board of Directors.

To become an Equipment Member, a person must fulfill the following:

  • Attend an Orientation Session
  • Sign and submit a membership form agreeing to abide by SCATV’s Policies and Regulations
  • Pay the annual membership fee of $40 ($20 for Youth under 18 years old and Seniors over 65). Discounted memberships in exchange for volunteer hours are also available at the discretion of the Executive Director.
  • Show proof of Somerville residency (positive photo ID and a copy of a current utility bill, rental/lease agreement, or notarized letter)

To become certified to use SCATV’s facilities and equipment, see “Certification Requirements.”

Download the equipment membership formEquipMembershipForm13