Joining Somerville Media Center is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people, and get involved in your community. SMC works hard to engage our membership in meaningful ways like hosting quarterly member potluck dinner events with featured speakers in the media industry, spotlighting members each month in “Inside the SMC Studio,” and through much technical support & mentorship. All Somerville residents are encouraged to produce programs that present their point of view, express their creativity, and inform their neighbors.

Membership at SMC is open to residents of Somerville and Somerville-based organizations, including businesses and Somerville chapters of State or National organizations. If you do not live in Somerville but you want to join through an existing Organizational Membership we do allow this. We have an Organizational Membership this is a working production cohort called Creative Collective, if you wish to join this group, learn more here. Basically, when you join SMC – you join as a “Community Media Producer” – this includes joining Boston Free Radio, below is more information about the steps to get involved.

First step: To learn more about SMC, public access television, and how to produce your own television shows for Somerville’s Channel 3, attend one of our hour-long Orientations. The session is free and open to the public. Attendance is required for all new SMC equipment members. Orientations are typically held on scheduled weekday evenings at 7:00pm. Join SMC and take advantage of discounted media training, free access to video & studio equipment, staff advice and more.

Second Step: Download and please fill out a membership form below

Then pay for membership following your Orientation.

See specific policies related to Membership:
SMC Policies and Procedures2013

For more information, contact the SMC Membership Director at membership (at)