Intro to Documentary Filmmaking Class

During the month of (August), SCATV will be offering a 4-Week Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking course or rather a “ Documentary Bootcamp” instructed by experienced documentary filmmaker, Vera Ventura. Once a week, you will learn the skills to become a … Continue reading

Intro to Animation Registration

Intro to Animation: June 27th-July 1st.,9am-3pm. Ages 8-12. Instructor: Isabella Deslandes.  Are you fascinated with movies like Coraline, Nightmare before Christmas, and ParaNorman? In this class you will create, film, edit and present your own stop-motion animation short that will … Continue reading

SCATV Orientation Schedule

Sign up for an Orientation today! If you would like to attend any of the SCATV affiliated classes or become an active equipment member, you must first attend a free one hour Orientation. Membership is primarily open to Somerville residents, groups … Continue reading

Yo! SCATV Raps! Registration

Yo! SCATV Raps!: August 1st-August 5th, 9am-3pm. Ages 11-17. Instructor: Heather McCormack. Wanna be the next Designer? Blow up this summer with Yo! SCATV Raps. Write your own original song, make your own beat, and film a music video. Once … Continue reading

Teen Movie Maker Space Registration

Teen Movie Maker Space: July 18th-July 29th, 9am-3pm. Ages 13-17. Instructors: Heather McCormack and Bryce Taylor. Make movie magic this summer with SCATV and Parts and Crafts. Learn the art of film production, from writing to camera work to editing, … Continue reading

UNews Class Sign up

UNews: July 11th-July 15th, 9am-3pm. Ages 9-13. Instructor: Heather McCormack. Discover your inner journalist! Learn from real TV anchors how to make a news show from start to finish. Conduct interviews, investigate issues that matter, and write, host, produce and … Continue reading

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Boston Free Radio Training

This class is for members who want to get started producing Boston Free Radio shows! In this hour long session, you will learn how to upload your music, edit sound quality and segues, host live call-ins and much more. Discover … Continue reading

Intro to Podcasting Workshop at SCATV

We invite people to learn how to plan and produce effective audio podcasts that engage your audience. Producing a podcast is simple but on this hands-on workshop you will learn the tips and tricks of creating one that people will … Continue reading

Intro to Final Cut Pro X Editing

In this Final Cut Pro workshop, we’ll take you through the basic layout of Final Cut Pro X and teach you the tools utilized in an edit. We’ll cover everything from organizing your footage to, using effects, applying transitions, adding … Continue reading