SCATV Orientation Schedule

Sign up for an Orientation today! If you would like to attend any of the SCATV affiliated classes or become an active equipment member, you must first attend a free one hour Orientation. Membership is primarily open to Somerville residents, groups … Continue reading

Intro to Podcasting Workshop at SCATV

We invite people to learn how to plan and produce effective audio podcasts that engage your audience. Producing a podcast is simple but on this hands-on workshop you will learn the tips and tricks of creating one that people will … Continue reading

Grant Seeking & Writing Workshops with Ellen Gugel

SCATV is offering two workshops with experienced grant writer and educator Ellen Gugel. The workshops are geared to non-profit professionals, artists and community members who are interested in learning how to research applicable grants and create successful proposals. The classes … Continue reading

Intro to Final Cut Pro X Editing

In this Final Cut Pro workshop, we’ll take you through the basic layout of Final Cut Pro X and teach you the tools utilized in an edit. We’ll cover everything from organizing your footage to, using effects, applying transitions, adding … Continue reading

Intro to the HOTSET Studio

Produce and host your own live or recorded show in SCATV’s High Definition TV studio that includes chromakey, Internet/computer roll-ins, graphics, and live phone calls. This is a 1-hour session. This class is part of the On-Demand Workshops. SCATV staff … Continue reading

Intro to Digital Field Production

This class introduces students to all the elements of field video production including video, audio, and lighting. Learn to operate SCATV’s video cameras, and microphones. Gain an understanding of shot composition, working with lighting, and how to create an edit … Continue reading

Intro to Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn to edit your video with the professional editing software, Adobe Premiere. In this session class you will learn the basics of importing footage, file management, cutting and arranging clips, transitions, graphics, and much more. We will also discuss techniques … Continue reading

Introduction to Adobe After Effects

This workshop is designed allow students to gain familiarity with the layout and controls of Adobe After Effects. Students will learn to use all the tools necessary to create a customized opening introduction to a real or hypothetical television show. … Continue reading

Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking

The class will cover the use of SCATV’s Canon EOS 7D DSLR cameras. Learn how to choose video settings, determine depth of field, adjust lighting, audio recording and more. This is a 2-hour session workshop. Instructor: Jason Corey or Adam … Continue reading