Community Event Coverage

This one-session class will teach non-profit organizations how to video record their events for Web and cablecast. Learn to use SCATV’s point-and-shoot Vixia video cameras and microphones to tape presentations, meetings, street events, and interviews. Learn how to deal with … Continue reading

Summer Basic Field Production and Editing

This six-session class combines field video production and editing so that students learn to “shoot for the edit” and are able to complete a short program within class time.  Learn how to use SCATV’s HD cameras and microphones. Gain an … Continue reading

TV Host Techniques

Learn how great TV hosts create interesting and informative shows, keep the conversation dynamic, and make their guests feel relaxed. You will learn the importance of pre-production interviews and research, and how to prepare questions that will help you control … Continue reading

Orientation Sessions

Interested in finding out how public access works? Want to know how to produce your own television shows for Channel 3? Attend one of our free, hour-long Orientation sessions.  Attendance is required for all new Equipment Members. Call 617-628-8826 or … Continue reading