Facility Planning Report May 2009

The SCATV Board of Directors commissioned a Facility Planning Study that was completed in May 2009.

SCATV has been located in the Old Firehouse in Union Square since the mid 1980s. While a renovation in the late 1990s that created a host-operated studio and improved staff offices met some needs, space constraints continue to limit the organization’s development, particularly for classroom seats, meeting rooms and staff offices. Further, continued tenancy at the 90 Union Square is unlikely as The City of Somerville, owner of the building, has indicated that it will be sold in the coming years as part of a commercial redevelopment strategy for Union Square.

The Preliminary Facility Planning Study will provide SCATV and its community partners with the information necessary to progress in securing and equipping a new public access media center that will serve Somerville residents and community for the next quarter century and beyond. The Study will provide an informed recommendation on the necessary elements in a new facility such as size, amenities and general targets for budgeting.

The study can be found at the link below.

SCATV Final Report6.4