Awards and Recognitions

SCATV’s programs have been recognized consistently for excellence with awards from the Hometown USA Video Festival, the Massachusetts Community Television Contest, the New England Film & Video Festival, Women in the Director’s Chair, and the National Organization on Disability.

USA Today cited our “responsible, beneficial programs,” and the Boston Globe called us “Somerville’s public access gem.”

In 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 SCATV won the prestigious International Alliance for Community Media (ACM) Award for “Overall Excellence.” The judges commended SCATV for “reflecting the public voice from many perspectives.” They commented that, SCATV is “really involved in its community, and clearly, the community is involved in SCATV. SCATV provides an incredible service to its community.”

In 2012 SCATV won an ACM award for “Overall Excellence” and one for “Best of Democracy in Action” with “The Somerville Alderman Debate” put together by Joe Lynch. We also received two awards from the Northeast ACM. One award for second place in  “Music and Performance” with “Somerville Rocks!” produced by Rachel Appel and a third place award for “PEG Promo/PSA” with “The Anniversary Promo” also created by Rachel Appel.

2011 held an ACM award for “Overall Excellence” and one for” Best Animation.”  The animation, “Pirates of Pancake Island,” was made by Bill Trudell, Shannon Daly, Jeanne Flanagan and Melitta King.

In 2010 SCATV received the award for “Overall Excellence” as well as the category of “Best Cultural Perspective” for “In Tune with Rasta,” by Anthony Soto.  At the ACM Northeast Fall Video Festival Jessica Barnthouse won the “Best PEG Advocacy” award with “Power to the People.”  The Next Generation Producers and Somerville Cares About Prevention won the ACM Northeast award for “Best PEG Promo/PSA” with “Depression Doesn’t Discriminate.”

The ACM granted SCATV the award for “Overall Excellence” in 2009.

2008 held a Northeast ACM second place award for “Best PEG Promo/PSA” with “Be Yourself Gang Pressure PSA.”  SCATV also won third place at the Northeast AMC awards for “Best Local Attractions” with “What the Fluff,” produced by Bill Barrell.

The ACM award for “Overall Excellence” went to SCATV in 2007.  Other awards include, “Best Documentary Profile” with “Heven In The Making” by Nehemie Bernard and “Best Community Impact” with “Critical Focus #6 Changing thee Media” by John Donovan, Wendy Blom, and James Mayhew. SCATV also received an Honorable Mention in the category of “Informational Talk Show” with “Tingle Vision” by Steven DeCarlo and Elissa Mintz.

SCATV won Hometown Awards from the ACM in four categories 2006 “Overall Excellence,” “Empowerment” for a program by the SAYMedia! teens,”Children’s Programming” for “JoJo’s Dreamcart” by JoJo LaRiccia, and “Access Center Promo” for a PSA created by Christian Montenegro.

In 2003, SAY Media!, SCAT’s After-school Multimedia Club was selected by the Massachusetts Cultural Council as one of just eighteen Massachusetts “Gold Star” projects: a program which fosters collaboration, builds community, promotes civic virtues, and showcases the work of individual artists as well as addresses the needs of under-served audiences.  SCATV received a third place prize for the website by Elenor Pye from the Northeast ACM.

In 2002, SCATV was awarded “Honorable Mention” in “Overall Excellence in Public Access” by the Alliance for Community Media, a national organization of over 1,000 Public/Educational/Government groups representing the interests of an estimated 1.5 million organizations and individuals that use access centers. The judges commented, SCATV is “a strong center with a commitment to diverse voices” and “delivers the culturally diverse programming that its population needs.”  Lynn Weissman won “Best Documentary Profile” with “TecsChange:  Technology for Social Change.”

In 1999, citing SCAT’s productions, community work, and management, the Massachusetts Cultural Council gave SCAT 94.69 of 100 points, ranking it #1 of the 36 institutions or projects it reviewed that year, and saluted its “remarkable spirit,” its “charisma,” and its “fiscally sound organization.”

In 1998 SCATV received the AMC award for “Best International Show” with “Sin Maqullaja (Without Makeup)

In 1996, two SCATV programs – “The Mirror Project”, a program for children and teens from the Mystic Housing Development, and SOS News at Six, a youth-written and produced half-hour anti-smoking “news” show – won the “Silver Apple” and “Bronze Apple” from the National Educational Media Network. “The Mirror Project” also won an ACM award for “I’m The Man” by Woodson Michael and Marc Celestin.  SCATV won an ACM award for “Moving on The Path” by Allison Lund.

In 1995 SCATV earned an ACM award for “Best Arts Programming” with “Art Without Walls” by Sha Hsing Min.  SCATV also got an ACM award for “Greetings From Iraq” by Signe Taylor.

In 1994, SCATV won the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for Peace & Justice from the Somerville Interfaith Group for our “commitment and integrity while enabling all the communities of Somerville to speak to the city in their own voices.” SCATV also won four ACM awards.  “Best Programming for Senior Citizens” was awarded for “Senior and Sober: A Look at Elders and Alcohol,” “Best Live Series” with “Dead Air Live” by The Somerville Producers Group, “Dead Air Live: What Should Be on SCAT” by The Somerville Producers Group, and Luca Small from the Somerville Producers Group won for “Dead Air Live: The Story.”

In 1993 SCATV won three AMC awards.  Roberto Arevalo won for “No Hay Paz (There is No Peace”, Sara Smiley won for “Mad/Dog I’m Falling Asleep,” and Sha Hsing Min won for “Made In Somerville.”

1992 held three awards for SCATV from The National Federation of Local Cable Programmers for “Best Show About Access” for “Then and Now: A History of Access in Somerville,” “Maiden Senior Citizens Harmonica Band” by Monique Johannet, and lastly, SCATV won an award for “The Rock Diaries.”

In 1989, SCATV won the prestigious Community Communications Award for Public Access from the national Alliance for Community Media, in recognition of our value as a national model.

Reviews from the Community:

Somerville Community Access Television is one of Somerville’s greatest assets… I have watched it grow and serve all sectors of the Somerville community. It is critical to our life as a community that local events, public concerns and all manner of diversity find expression through the media. We need to support this work as an important arm of communication and entertainment available to all of us.
–Patricia Budd Kepler, Pastor, Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church

The enthusiasm that all members of SCATV have shown for their work and your continued creativity and competence adds to the rich environment of the Commonwealth. The type of active, community-based volunteerism which SCATV so strongly promotes enhances the quality of all our lives. Your efforts are truly commendable.
–U.S. Senator John F. Kerry

Recent immigrants need all opportunities to remain in touch with their mother land while we undergo our acculturation process into American society. HaitiVision via SCATV has made this possible.
–Roosvelt Simil and Yvon Lamour, Co-producers, HaitiVision

The excitement at the Mirror Project screening here at the Mystic Housing Project demonstrated to me that the whole community, not just the talented teen producers, gains from SCATV’s efforts. When these young people in their videos shared with us who they really are and how they see things, we all learned the importance of listening and of respecting each other and the creativity within all of us.
–Lisa Wanzor, The Welcome Project