Articles of Organization

Excerpts taken from the

Articles of Organization for Somerville Community Access Television, Inc.

Filed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Office of the Secretary of State
One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108
Adopted March 21, 1983


The corporation is established exclusively for civic purposes, within the meaning of section 4 of chapter 180 of the General Laws and section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, to own and manage facilities which will be used for community television programming on the public and educational* access channels of a cable television system operated in the City of Somerville. The corporation’s activities may include:

1. Providing necessary information to persons or groups in Somerville to effectively use the public and educational access channels on the cable system;
2. Making available instruction in video equipment so that the people of Somerville can make television programs and cablecast them, according to the rules of the corporation;
3. Providing a structure in which people can learn, create, and develop ways to use public and educational access channels and audio-visual equipment;
4. Coordinating and scheduling all audio-visual equipment which is used for program production and program transmission on the public and educational access channels in Somerville;
5. Maintaining records concerning past programming, including videotapes and other documentation, and making such records available to interested persons or groups for civic purposes;
6. Engaging in research designed to assess community response to programming on the public and educational access channels and to ascertain areas of need for additional or different programming, to implement or to aid the implementation of such additional programming and to publish the results of such research; and
7. Cablecasting on the public and educational channels using two-way video technology in the interconnection of the multiple points throughout the City of Somerville.

* The Educational Access Channel was ceded to the City of Somerville’s Office of Communications in 1993.